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Letter to Parents

Monday 27th April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


These are such challenging times for us all and while Oaklands Primary remains closed to its pupils it is important that we all stay connected. The staff and I want you to know that you are very much in our thoughts. The most important thing for your children is to make sure that they are able to Stay Safe and Stay Learning.

As parents you can support your child to stay learning. It is important to remember you are not on your own. Our teachers at Oaklands are providing daily tasks and will continue to do so throughout this time.

These daily tasks will be set out on your child’s class pages on our school  website: In addition to the class pages, if your child is in Key Stage 2, they will be communicating with their teacher via the hwb platform and Microsoft Teams.


Your child’s teacher can be contacted via email and these are displayed on the class page.

Bedwen Bach: Mrs Griffiths:                                                                       

Bedwen: Mrs Moseley:

Collen: Mrs Hughes:

Onnen: Mrs Morgan:

Afal: Mrs Cook:

Gwern: Mrs Bird:

Llwyfen: Mr Dainham:

Helyg : Mr Zaplatynski:

Derw: Miss Whitney:

Mrs Wright:


As a parent we are not asking you to take on the role of your teacher and deliver a school day at home. Remember that learning takes place in many ways and not just in school. There may be days when you or your child is unwell or just too tired and learning cannot take place and that will be fine but just know we are here to help and support you. I would also encourage you to check out the ‘Stories Just for You’ page. Here you will find staff reading their favourite stories for children. We hope you enjoy!


Thank you to those who completed the on line survey; this gave us some quality feedback. One of the main barriers for your children’s learning was the motivation as well as access to digital devices. To address these, we will:

  • Be introducing phone calls from your teachers, just to check in and keep in touch.
  • Making sure that a range of activities set on class pages can be completed using paper and pencil

Lastly I would like to thank you for your positive messages about our staff video; we hope you and your families had as much fun watching it as we did creating it! I am looking forward to seeing some of the pupil responses in their own version so please send short videos or pictures to


In the meantime, please stay home and stay safe as this will help us get back to our normal routine. If there is anything we can help or support you with, please get in touch.


Yours sincerely,


Caroline Wright                                

Head teacher